About us

Top 10 Banks is the one-stop online platform to find the best banks for your business. We provide you with in-depth and unbiased reviews of the main business bank account worldwide. Our main goal is to put together all the main information about banks, plans, account openings, and fees in one place so you don’t have to research all by yourself. We want to empower business leaders with the knowledge, so they can make informed decisions about the best institutions for their company’s finances.

We also give you advice based on our tests, experiences, and reviews for better financial management. As a team of entrepreneurs, financial market experts, and bank analysts, we know how important it is to have a bank account that suits your business needs. With fintechs arising with new features, the banking industry is constantly changing. We’re here to update you on the latest news that can benefit your business’ finances.

Professional team

Our founder, John Thorstensen, is an entrepreneur and world-leading expert in business banking. He’s worked in many financial institutions before starting his business, which gave him enough knowledge to track the best opportunities for companies. In his career, he also advised startups about the most suitable banks to open an account according to each business characteristic.

Top 10 Bank’s team is also composed of professionals in the banking industry and entrepreneurs who are constantly digging bank data, websites, and also testing new business bank accounts.

Unbiased & Independent

Each review on Top 10 Banks follows a thorough evaluation process that ensures a fair comparison and high-quality review. We provide, on a daily basis, a detailed list of the top 10 banks for business, considering the small, medium, and big companies’ needs, which include fee rate, multi-currencies, card availability, and bureaucracy in services. Moreover, our content is always updated with new features and new banks emerging in the business scenario.


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Terica Sippio

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Colvin Smith

As an investor and member of numerous investment platforms and communities, I see how valuable investment research can be to better understand current market situation

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John Thorstensen

I’ve been nurturing an interest in finances since I was a kid by watching my father in his daily working routine as a financial analyst.

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